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The intrepid connection of various mental representations and the will to take on new challenges by making a lifestyle out of their own passions, marked the birth of Vetriamo in 2004, an intense example of artistic glass handicraft in the heart of Catania.

Merit of the fervent inclination of its founder Stefano Isaia who, after graduating at the Institute of Art in 1998, lavishes all his energies in the constant search for new creative resources addressed to safeguard the precious artisan world.

Artistic figures and innovative colors reveal free imagination by experimenting with elaborate ways to amalgamate glass, shapeless main element around which Vetriamo in ten years has built its entrepreneurial strength.

The creations taking shape on the basis of expert handmade techniques in Mosaic, Glass fusion and Tiffany, come out in favor of his shaper the admiration of a wide and miscellaneous clientele, to the value of which militates the care of exclusive and custom made items in order to meet any requirement ; diversifying the production; Vetriamo, in this way, succeeded in fascinating the most important fairs.


News from Vetriamo's world.

Christmas Market 2016

handmade market in Catania

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From 1st to 26th December in the city center, a new edition of Christmas Market.1

montesano street market

montesano street, to the city center

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we are waiting in the historic setting of the center of Catania, at montesano street market on these dates: 24-25-26-27 march 8-9-10 april 20-21-22 may 3-4-5 17-18-19 june

PopUpmarket "Prima ri natali"

december 5th 17:30/00:30 december 6th 18:00/23:30

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we are waiting on Saturday and Sunday, 5th and 6th december at the Fishmarket of Catania for the event PopUpMarket. Do not forget

from november 27th to december 27th 9am/10pm

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We look forward to the historic center of Catania, near Etnea street, for one of the most Christmas market. We will be there every day from 27th nov to 27th dec all day!

scie market to the citycenter

handmade market in catania

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we are waiting, 13th 14th 15th of may to the city center, Pacini street

Scie Market, at Taormina from 22th April to 8th May 2016

Taormina, Square del Carmine

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Hand made street market , at Taormina centre, from 22th april to 8th may

Pop Up Market Sicily Edition LONDON / SPITALFIELDS

August 29th - 30th Bishop Square - London

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London calling Sicily and POPUPMARKETSICILY answers !!! On 29 and 30 August priority boarding for Bishop Square, two days in the name of creativity 'and the food Made in Sicily, in Spitalfields, one of the market more' old London! Get ready!

Aretusa Street Store

August 7th - 23th 2015, Ortigia (Fonte Aretusa)

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Creative Made in Sicily ... Creations Hand Made All this and much more in one of the locations most suggestive of Sicily. We are waiting!

Faber: Il fabbricante di idee

december 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th from 10am to 9pm in Palazzo del Toscano

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Into the beautiful Toscano Palace, in 176 Etnea street, will host the event Faber, sicilian handicraft quality. We await you on December 5th from 5pm to 9pm december 6th,7th,8th from 10am to 9pm


Our favourite techniques.

  • technique - tiffany



    With Art Nouveau and Liberty glass experienced its great revival developing new forms and colors. Louis Comfort Tiffany deeply renewed the stained glass both from the iconographic and the technical point of view, introducing the use of opaque glass and replacing the lead section bar with a copper ribbon. This technique allows to create compositions, even in shapes other than two-dimensional shape (panels and stained glasses).

    The flexibility of copper and the delicacy of tin melting, allow the Tiffany technique to be the most suitable in the creation of lamps and small stained glasses that could hardly be realized with the strictest lead technique, used in the creation of large stained glasses.

  • technique - mosaic



    In the V-VII century A.D. the use of glass mosaic develops in Byzantine art. The mosaics that adorn the walls of the basilicas of the imperial cities, Ravenna and Constantinople, made up of vitreous tiles and gold are of incomparable beauty.

    The mosaic technique is very articulate and along with it you give a very unique style to disparate objects such as tables, chairs, decorative bowls, lanterns or other objects. Of great charm, for the amazing and wonderful suggestions of light it produces, the mosaic technique exploits the transparency of glass to bring out the shine of glasses and, together with stucco finish, it gives a very impressive game.

  • technique - glass fusion


    Glass fusion

    The glass fusion is a very old technique of glass manufacturing; archaeological finds suggest that this technique was already used by the Egyptians and the Romans, and that they had acquired decorative skills on glass.

    The glass fusion turns out to be a style in constant evolution and applied technology has fostered the development of historical methodology in new production areas through which you can now find it in furniture, with the magnificent stained walls of melted glass; party favors and objects of decoration of rare elegance but also in bathroom with melted plate glass sinks ; in accessories, from shelves, to mirrors and other home furnishings.

Our products


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